Elsa & Anna dress up for Halloween & the toddlers Elsa and anna have fun with the big black owl. Among the toddlers Elsia & Annia shed their candy & try to find it. Elsia and Annia look the house for the sweet and can't locate it anywhere. Annia really desires her sweet corn. Elsa and Anna young children look the house searching for the candy howev… Read More

Win4News team is working on a brand new documentary that will investigate news and journalism - past, present and future to see how they could help get away from bogus news.They ask the questions - should remarks be news?They are answering the questions of the reason they desperately need a new international documentary called FAKE NEWS. Plant seed… Read More

One of the two official languages in China 's Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Approximately 78 million people speak Korean worldwide. Such an idea of writing Korean with Hangul jamo without being assembled into syllabic characters is of a historical interest only as it foregoes the most distinctive feature of the Hangul writing system, that is… Read More