About Elsa and anna dress up for Halloween

Elsa & Anna dress up for Halloween & the toddlers Elsa and anna have fun with the big black owl. Among the toddlers Elsia & Annia shed their candy & try to find it. Elsia and Annia look the house for the sweet and can't locate it anywhere. Annia really desires her sweet corn. Elsa and Anna young children look the house searching for the candy however its no where to be seen.

Anna & Elsa toddlers try to find the sweet but can not appear to find it. Ania needs to Elsia and Annia loose their candy inform her Mam that they can't discover the sweet. Barbie comes over with the missing out on dish of candy and every person's happy. Annia and Elsia spruce up in Halloween outfits and walk around attempting to scare everybody in your house. Elsa and Anna make costumes out of old sheets & pretend to be ghosts.

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